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R3 Anti Aging Beverly Hills Medspa & Stem Cell Therapy Clinic

Whether you have aesthetic or health concerns, you can get the effective and knowledgeable help you need at R3 Anti Aging. A modern medspa in Beverly Hills, R3 Anti Aging offers everything from stem cell therapy for musculoskeletal conditions to female health treatments, IV therapies, and facial rejuvenation. 


To get started in either booking your medspa or stem cell treatment, call now at (424) 382-1074. 

About R3 Anti Aging

R3 Anti Aging offers a range of effective options for aesthetics in Beverly Hills. You can get help for common signs of aging like:

From cosmetic injectables, microneedling, and even a facelift you can get over your lunch break, our treatments can easily fit into the busiest of schedules.


Some of the most exciting treatments available are stem cell therapies. Using stem cells to help your body repair itself, R3 Anti Aging offers reliable treatments from some of the leading stem cell doctors in Beverly Hills. 


The penthouse clinic where R3 Anti Aging performs stem cell therapies allows you to get the treatments you need in complete comfort and with the personalized care you deserve. Whether you want IV vitamin therapy, facial services, or stem cell therapy in Beverly Hills, contact R3 Anti Aging today now at (424) 382-1074

Stem Cell Treatment in Beverly Hills

When facing musculoskeletal conditions like joint issues, treatment options can feel more like they’re geared toward masking the symptoms instead of getting to the root cause of the problem. Stem cell treatments, however, focus on healing the damage that causes pain, stiffness, an