Myers’ Cocktail IV Therapy in Scottsdale & Nashville

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Why Choose IV Infusion Treatments?

When you take oral supplements, only a fraction (5% to 20%) of the nutrients make it into the bloodstream for your body to use. In addition, the nutrients must travel through your digestive system before getting absorbed, which can put stress on that system.  


IV infusion, however, bypasses the digestive system and goes directly into the bloodstream. That means your body can use 100% of the nutrients in the serum.


Getting Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy in Nashville or Scottsdale Myers’ cocktail treatments once or twice a week at R3 Anti-Aging & Medspa can make a significant difference in your life.

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The Benefits of Myers’ Cocktail IV Drips

These invigorating treatments are customizable to cater to the individualized needs of patients at our Nashville and Scottsdale Myers’ Cocktail medspas. However, they also always contain four essential ingredients:

The Main Ingredients: What Do They Do?

Vitamin C helps the body grow and repair tissue and is instrumental in absorbing iron. It also assists in the formation of collagen and boosts the immune system. Finally, vitamin C maintains healthy bones and cartilage.




Calcium deficiencies can cause numerous problems for people. A calcium deficiency can be caused by a lack of it in a person’s diet, hormonal changes, kidney or genetic disorders, and some medications. 


Calcium is important for maintaining healthy bones, transporting nutrients to cells, protecting the heart, balancing hormones, and regulating blood pressure.




Some people who have type 2 diabetes, dietary deficiencies, or problems with their digestive systems may suffer from a lack of magnesium. This nutrient is responsible for converting food into energy and aids in muscle function, nervous system regulation, and more. 


Magnesium also supports healthy blood sugar levels and can help stave off anxiety and depression. Magnesium is beneficial for heart and bone health as well.

A Myers’ Cocktail treatment is also ideal for supplementing the effects of some medications. It has been shown to help some patients find pain relief without the side effects of pharmaceuticals.


Some of the conditions you may want to consider treating with a Myers’ Cocktail in Scottsdale or Nashville include:

How Our Scottsdale and Nashville Myers’ Cocktail Medspas Administer the Treatment

The entire relaxing process for a therapy treatment takes less than an hour. Our trained medical expert will make sure that you’re comfortable and insert a thin catheter into your vein, which will begin the IV drip. All you have to do is rest and relax as the essential nutrients stream directly into your bloodstream.


Most of our patients elect to receive a cocktail once a week, but some choose to come in for treatment twice a week. Once you begin to feel the benefits as your body is nourished, you can elect to remain on your current infusion schedule or adjust it.


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