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For over a decade globally, R3 Anti Aging has been working with patients, helping them to look and feel younger with treatments that are non-surgical, safe, and effective. You want to look 10 years younger and/or achieve pain relief without undergoing the knife? We’ve got you covered!


The expert providers at R3 Anti Aging in Scottsdale AZ and Nashville TN offer 20 plus treatment options including aesthetic procedures such as dermal fillers (e.g. Juvederm, Restylane), neurotoxins (e.g. Botox, Dysport), PDO thread lifts and PRP therapy.


R3’s expert providers also offer joint injections, hyperbaric oxygen, PRP therapy (for face, hair, sexual wellness, tendonitis and joints), stem cell and exosome therapies, shock wave therapy, hormone replacement, and  IV wellness therapies.

How We Are Different?

R3 Anti Aging not only offers first rate aesthetics, pain relief and health treatments to make you look and feel younger, but we are the TOP TEACHERS nationwide too! R3’s Centers in Scottsdale and Nashville host regular courses on joint injections, aesthetics procedures, hormone replacement, ultrasound guidance and regenerative medicine.


Medical and aesthetic providers travel to our Centers to receive CME accredited training monthly and learn from the best. Our faculty consists of highly skilled and knowledgable providers who are the best at what they do. That’s who will be treating you!


Receive treatment from our Training Faculty, one on one, and know that you’ll be in the best hands. Over a decade of providing first rate, safe, successful treatments with cost effective pricing.

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R3 Anti Aging Therapies

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R3 Offers Expertise worldwide

Benefits of the R3 Training Centers

R3 is Global


Receive aesthetics treatments from our doctors who are experts at achieving your desired outcome! First rate hair restoration, facial rejuvenation, and sexual health procedures.



Our skilled doctors actually teach providers nationwide how to perform aesthetic procedures. Who better to receive treatment from than a highly skilled instructor!



Erectile dysfunction is incredibly common in adults, with an overall prevalence of 77%. R3 offers exceptionally effective therapies for ED, such as the E Shot, that will help men and couples thrive in the bedroom!


ED treatment needs to be customized for optimal results. R3 offers shockwave therapy, medications, PRP therapy with Growth Factors (E Shot), exosomes, stem cells and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.



R3 has been a leader globally with stem cell therapy for over a decade with 20,000 procedures in 10 years! This includes stem cell therapy in Scottsdale and Nashville for patients that help with pain relief and improve quality of life.


R3 offers exosome therapies, which are top notch stem cell derived biologics that facilitate repair and regeneration in your body!


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