Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ and Nashville, TN

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ and Nashville, TN

erectile dysfunction treatment scottsdaleErectile dysfunction (ED) is when one is unable to achieve and maintain an erection. A lot of men don’t realize just how common the issue is, with over 30 million individuals in the United States affected.

Men of any age experience ED, with increasing incidence as one ages. About 40% are affected at age 40, and over 70% have an issue with erectile dysfunction by age 70!

Achieving an erection involves a complex relationship between neurologic, vascular, hormonal and psychological components. Because of this, there are both physical and psychological reasons a person may suffer from ED.

Psychological reasons may include stress, depression, anxiety or low self esteem. Physical reasons may include hypertension, diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, prostate cancer, low testosterone, thyroid issue or post-injury.

There are various ways to evaluate ED to see why it is occurring. First of all, blood and urine tests may show abnormalities such as low testosterone. An ultrasound can be performed to evaluate blood flow to the penis. An injection test may be performed with medication to see if an erection occurs. If it does, it is indicative of a blood flow problem.

Typically during sleep, men have several erections. Therefore, an overnight erection test may be performed to see if they occur. If so, then blood flow is most likely not an issue, and there is a psychological component.

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Treatments for ED in Scottsdale at R3 Anti Aging are very effective when the issue is deemed to be occurring from a lack of blood flow. Certain lifestyle changes may be implemented, such as weight loss, smoking cessation and stress reduction.

Treatments available at R3 Anti Aging for sexual dysfunction include:

A recent 2021 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine evaluated PRP therapy for erectile function. Sixty six patients were randomized to receiving either platelet rich plasma therapy for ED or placebo. The patients who received PRP achieved much better results, with the vast majority being exceptionally pleased with their outcome.

A review article from 2020 in the same journal mentioned, “it is important to mention that PRP therapy has the potential for treating male sexual dysfunction.” But they also recommended larger studies be performed.

Platelet rich plasma therapy is a straightforward treatment where blood is taken from the patient, and then processed immediately to concentrate growth factors and platelets. The PRP is then injected into the penis, potentially along with additional biologics, to increase blood flow to help the individual achieve better sexual function.

PRP therapy for ED in Scottsdale works very well, and R3 Anti Aging also offers shock wave therapy too. For this treatment, low intensity shock waves are applied to the penis over a brief period once per week for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

The penis is numbed prior to the shock wave therapy, which is very well tolerated. Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of shock wave therapy for ED, including a review article from 2019 in American Journal of Men’s Health. Over 500 patients were included in the review, with the vast majority reporting better ability to achieve and maintain spontaneous erections.

A 2020 review article in World Journal of Men’s Health concluded the following: “Existing literature supports the use of low intensity shock wave therapy in men with ED, with many clinical studies reported encouraging results with improved erectile function, good safety profile and short-term durability.”

R3 Anti Aging offers the amazing combination of both PRP therapy and low intensity shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction in Scottsdale.

Another amazing treatment option for patients suffering from ED is with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). The treatment involves patients receiving pure oxygen in a pressurized environment (increased atmospheric pressure). HBOT is FDA Approved, and R3 Anti Aging offers the treatment with a top of the line unit that is capable of reaching THREE Atmospheres (that’s hospital grade)!

A 2018 study in the International Journal of Impotency Research evaluated hyperbaric oxygen therapy on 30 patients over a period of one month daily treatments. Erectile function improved by 88% (p < 0.0001) and 80% of the patients reported positive outcomes.

The combination of PRP therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and shock wave treatment is the most powerful regimen known. It is effective, safe and all available under one roof at R3 Anti Aging in Scottsdale AZ!

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