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R3’s customized IV formulas include nutrients such as:

IV Formula Descriptions


R3’s Hydration IV drips deliver a crucial restorative cocktail of vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. Known as a Myer’s cocktail, these infusions are considered the leading therapy for everything from sinus inflammation to low immunity to a hangover remedy!


To read all about R3’s Hydration IV, click HERE.


Immunity has been one of the more popular IV therapies at R3 Anti Aging, and for good reason. Immunity boosting IV therapy supercharges the body and helps you get back on your feet quickly!


By providing your immune system with the nutrients and anti-oxidants necessary to mount an effective response, this IV therapy assists patients in getting and staying healthy in the face of many potential illnesses.


During your one hour IV immunity treatment, patients simply relax while vital elements are infused right into your bloodstream for a powerful, effective immunity boost.


For those looking to recover from a workout, sports activity or an illness, our recovery IV therapy will help tremendously. The custom combination of nutrients will help invigorate performance, promote balance, and give your body just what it needs to bounce back quickly from the stress of the exercise or illness.


The Recovery IV nourishes your cells with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals placed into the saline drip. Because of the direct bloodstream placement, the IV therapy acts quickly while patients relax in a comfortable recliner. Some patients watch tv, others actually fall asleep!


To read more about R3’s Recovery and Performance IV, click HERE.

Inner Beauty

It’s not well known that what happens on the inside of your body can take a serious toll on your appearance. Your skin, hair, nails can all be adversely affected by having significant internal stress.


This may include stress, an inflammatory diet, lack of sleep, smoking or alcohol. The Inner Beauty IV therapy restores vital nutrients and elements to diminish the signs of daily wear and tear on your skin, hair and nails.


The Inner Beauty treatment is extremely popular at R3 Anti Aging in Scottsdale and Nashville, as it helps the body replenish damaged cells while combating free radicals.

The results of the treatment, especially with routine IV therapies, include:

Each of these essential ingredients plays an important role in the health and beauty of hair, skin, and nails. To learn more about the ingredients for the Inner Beauty IV and how they promote glowing complexion, shiny hair, and strong nails, Click HERE.


One of the most powerful and helpful restorative IV therapies offered at R3 Anti Aging is glutathione drip therapy. Produced naturally in one’s body, glutathione is the  “mother of all antioxidants” but can become depleted.


The treatment helps one’s body neutralize free radicals and boost health, providing anti-aging properties along with boosting the immune system. Research has shown that glutathione is effective at protecting vision, improving cardiac health and promoting a beautiful skin glow.


To learn more about glutathione IV therapy at R3 Anti Aging in Scottsdale and Nashville, and how this “master molecule” performs its health benefits, Click HERE.

Stem Cell IV

When it comes to regenerative medicine, umbilical cord tissue’s popularity has been increasing exponentially around the globe for the past decade! And with good reason. It has been shown to be a safe option for those seeking a wellness health opportunity that can help with many ailments.


R3 Anti Aging offers the regenerative medicine stem cell IV, where the stem cells are attracted to areas of inflammation and help repair and regenerate damaged tissue to help improve quality of life for individuals. To learn more about the regenerative medicine Stem Cell IV, call R3 Anti Aging today at (833) R3-AGING!


The entire relaxing process for a therapy treatment takes less than an hour. When you first arrive, you’ll have a comfy recliner to relax in while your IV is started. It’s a small catheter that goes into an arm vein.


The drip will be started after the IV formula bag is hung above your recliner. All you have to do is rest and relax as the essential nutrients stream directly into your bloodstream.


Most of R3’s patients want to receive an IV cocktail once a week, but some choose to come in for treatment twice a week. Once you begin to feel the benefits as your body is nourished, you can elect to remain on your current infusion schedule or adjust it.


The whole process for an IV treatment just takes 30-60 minutes. R3 offers IV therapy packages and Happy Hour treatments (with mocktails included). Call us for more information and to schedule your IV therapies today!

If you’re interested in this treatment, contact R3 Anti-Aging & Medspa and enjoy our recovery IV hydration therapy medspa today!


Receive aesthetics treatments from our doctors who are experts at achieving your desired outcome! First rate hair restoration, facial rejuvenation, and sexual health procedures.



Our skilled doctors actually teach providers nationwide how to perform aesthetic procedures. Who better to receive treatment from than a highly skilled instructor!



Erectile dysfunction is incredibly common in adults, with an overall prevalence of 77%. R3 offers exceptionally effective therapies for ED, such as the E Shot, that will help men and couples thrive in the bedroom!


ED treatment needs to be customized for optimal results. R3 offers shockwave therapy, medications, PRP therapy with Growth Factors (E Shot), exosomes, stem cells and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.



R3 has been a leader globally with stem cell therapy for over a decade with 20,000 procedures in 10 years! This includes stem cell therapy in Scottsdale and Nashville for patients that help with pain relief and improve quality of life.


R3 offers exosome therapies, which are top notch stem cell derived biologics that facilitate repair and regeneration in your body!


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