Stem Cell and PRP Therapy for Neuropathy in Phoenix, Scottsdale & Mesa AZ

Stem Cell and PRP Therapy for Neuropathy in Phoenix, Scottsdale & Mesa AZ

Are you struggling with neuropathy pain? If you’ve been dealing with the discomfort from neuropathy in the Phoenix, Scottsdale or Mesa areas, you are NOT alone! Many individuals turn to prescription drugs such as Lyrica, Gabapentin or Amitriptyline which typically have significant undesired side effects. Also, when people turn to narcotics it can lead to addiction, constipation, and tolerance.

If you are currently with neuropathy pain and live in or near Phoenix, Mesa or Scottsdale, we encourage you to call our clinic now at (480) 306-6256.

What If There Was Another Way to Deal With Neuropathy?

Peripheral Neuropathy is an ailment that results from nerve damage, and may lead to significant pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, and issues with balance. The usual underlying cause is a lack of blood flow to the extremities. Since nerves need blood flow to survive, they degenerate since they are not receiving sufficient nutrient supply from proper blood flow.

As the extremity nerves shrivel up due to insufficient blood flow, individuals start to experience the chronic symptoms of burning, tingling, numbness, imbalance, and pain.

But there IS HOPE! Suffering from the symptoms of neuropathy and/or the side effects of medications is no longer one’s only option. R3 Anti Aging is now offering a breakthrough technological advancement that has opened the door to a drug-free, nonsurgical, innovative treatment that targets the fundamental cause of neuropathy.

At R3 Anti Aging, we focus on three key areas for our treatment approach. 

Individuals with peripheral neuropathy are all unique and require a detailed evaluation. R3 Anti Aging offers a free evaluation to see if a patient is a candidate for its revolutionary protocol.

To get started and schedule or learn more call our stem cell therapy and PRP center serving Phoenix, Scottsdale and Mesa patients at (480) 306-6256.

How does R3 Anti Aging treat neuropathy so effectively?


R3 Anti Aging incorporates stem cell therapy with its trademarked Power Plasma protocol and also Red Light Therapy. The Power Plasma protocol involves taking a patient’s own blood and concentrating the growth factors, platelets, and exosomes along with stem cells. 

In order to activate the patient’s stem cells from blood, a proprietary series of four wavelengths is applied which exponentially increase the growth factors available and activates stem cells which work to repair the damaged nerves from peripheral neuropathy. The photoactivation produces a stimulatory effect on the plasma by activating millions of stem cells which are normally inactive. Also, the photostimulation increases the amount of active growth factors by over 25%!


Along with the stem cells, exosomes and PRP working hard to regenerate nerves, red light therapy is a regenerative treatment that uses different types of light to stimulate new growth of nerves and tissue and help relieve pain.

The red light stimulates mitochondria in your cells, which produces energy for your cells.  The light works great in conjunction with the growth factors, exosomes and stem cells activated from the patient’s own blood!

Studies have found that red light therapy stimulates the re-growth of blood vessels by improving oxygen and hence promotes peripheral nerve regeneration. The combination of red light therapy and the biologics from the patient’s own blood works well to improve function, decrease pain, and increase sensation in treated areas.

Along with improved nerve regeneration, the red light therapy and Power Plasma helps to reduce inflammation, which further reduces pain. Patients typically achieve better sleep patterns, increased function, and energy. Numerous peer-reviewed research studies have shown red light therapy to have positive effects on those with peripheral neuropathy including pain relief, better balance, and function.

The combination of Power Plasma and Red Light Technology is akin to watering a plant and enhancing the soil with nutrients. Just like a plant’s roots grow from this, the combo therapy regenerates blood vessels around the damaged nerves. This facilitates repair of the nerves, which then leads to patients having less pain and more function. 

R3 Anti Aging offers the Power Plasma treatment for neuropathy in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Mesa area in a beautiful, contemporary office with highly experienced regenerative medicine providers.

Call today for your free neuropathy consultation at (480) 306-6256!


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