Receive an All Natural Filler at R3 Anti Aging in Scottsdale, Nashville & Beverly Hills

Receive an All Natural Filler at R3 Anti Aging in Scottsdale, Nashville & Beverly Hills

A lot of people are unable to undergo procedures with synthetic dermal fillers such as Restylane, Voluma or Boletero. It may be that a person has an allergy to one filler, in which case an allergy will exist to all fillers since they all contain variations of the following:

While most people are satisfied with the results of synthetic fillers, an allergy will preclude their usage forever. In addition, plenty of people do NOT want a synthetic substance placed into their face. The hyaluronic acid in the synthetic filler attracts water, which is not desired in the eye area.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an all natural filler option available?

At R3 Anti Aging & Medspa in Nashville TN, Beverly Hills CA and Scottsdale AZ, an all natural dermal filler is available. The filler is generated from a person’s own blood using an intricate process that concentrates platelets, growth factors and stem cells into a gel that is extremely bioactive. Platelet-Rich Fibrin injected through a cannula to form a fibrin clot represents an alternative leading to high patient satisfaction.

Platelet rich fibrin is a second generation to PRP, with higher concentrations of platelets and growth factors. Unlike PRP, platelet rich fibrin actually contains a significant amount of mesenchymal stem cells. This makes it an ideal treatment for:

This second-generation blood concentrate doesn’t require the use of any additive nor anti-coagulant to unlock our bodies natural healing properties. Many people seek this treatment due to volume loss in areas of the face which include but are not limited to: under eyes, the corners of the mouth and the temples.

Not only does PRF add significant volume like a regular dermal filler, but it also does way more. PRF injections are highly directed toward skin rejuvenation with skin tightening, improved skin texture and quality, and collagen stimulation. 

How does PRF work? The main difference with PRF versus PRP is that no anticoagulant is used. As a result, a fibrin matrix clot forms, which contains a large amount of growth factors, stem cells and platelets.

These act to enhance collagen formation and promote cellular proliferation along with new blood flow.

When used as a dermal filler, PRF creates volume under eyes, in lips and in cheeks. But also, it initiates a full cascade of actions leading to new collagen which minimizes wrinkles, evens out discoloration and helps with scarring (such as from acne). For those with volume loss under the eyes who also have dark circles, PRF will assist with both issues! 

For the face, see the diagram below of areas that benefit from PRF:

R3 Anti Aging’s expert aesthetic injectors frequently use PRF for patients desiring an all natural process that produces an elegant outcome that “turns back the clock”. PRF is performed as a series of treatments, with results that are long lasting. Patient satisfaction is incredibly high, as the benefits far surpass synthetic filler treatment.

For those in Nashville/Brentwood TN, Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ or Los Angeles/Beverly Hills CA desiring an all natural filler for the face, then R3 Anti Aging & Medspa is your best option. Along with all natural PRF procedures for the face, R3 provides stem cell hair restoration and ED treatments

In addition, R3 Anti Aging has locations in six countries where PRF is offered. These include the USA, Mexico, Philippines, India, Pakistan and South Africa. 

Call +1 (833) R3-AGING to set up your free consultation today!

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