Microneedling Treatments

Microneedling Treatments in Delhi, India


Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a treatment that R3 Anti Aging offers in both its DELHI, INDIA clinics. The treatment is fantastic for helping patients look dramatically younger with a noninvasive procedure that can be performed in less than an hour total.

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R3antiaging offers the following Microneedling Treatments

How does microneedling therapy work?

Microneedling in Delhi, India begins with numbing cream to make the procedure completely tolerable. The numbing cream needs about 10-20 minutes to work, and then one of R3’s providers will perform the therapy.

Microneedling involves a devices that uses a sterile, disposable cartridge with several stainless steel needles that repetitively puncture the skin at a high RPM. Depending on the area of the face being treated, the provider will alter the depth of the needles along with the speed of penetration for optimal effect.

The needle penetration is meant to create microchannels in the skin that facilitate the production of new collagen and elastin along with new blood flow. Basically, the microneedling creates a “wound” that initiates a healing cascade. In the process, the healing reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces scar, reduces pore size, and generates a healthy glow and suppleness that makes one’s face appear younger!

Which serums and/or biologics are used?

When the providers at R3 Anti Aging in Delhi, India perform microneedling, they will use serums and biologics that are indicated for each patient’s specific needs. Some patients may only need a serum such as Vitamin C and/or hyaluronic acid to achieve a great result.

For those individuals dealing with hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, wrinkles, then a biologic will most likely be offered. This may include a PRP facial, where PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. Microneedling with PRP has become extremely popular due to its exceptional results and promotions on social media. For instance, years ago Kim Kardashian had the treatment and it was termed the “Vampire Facelift”.

Another option for microneedling is to use exosomes for the procedure. Exosomes are nanoparticle sized byproducts of stem cells that are extremely effective at promoting new collagen formation, wrinkle reduction, and scar reduction. Exosomes may also be effective at reducing hyperpigmentation.


As mentioned, the providers at R3 Anti Aging will base the particular serum and/or biologic on your specific needs. R3 is a Training Center where our providers actually teach providers from all over the USA. So rest assured you will receive the best microneedling treatments possible!

Studies have shown that Microneedling provides excellent results for the following:

This depends. Microneedling may be performed in conjunction with some fillers and treatments in other areas. Or it may be performed by itself. Your R3 provider will discuss the customized treatment plan with you.

Most patients will need a series of microneedling sessions to see best results. Especially when it comes to resolving acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. For those, typically a series of 6-8 sessions will provide optimal results, at which point maintenance treatments can follow every 4-6 months.

Most side effects with microneedling are very mild and temporary. This may include some swelling and redness. It is possible that the treatment can spark up a fever blister reaction. While rare, there have been reported some infections and granulomatous reactions.


To minimize side effects, R3’s providers are very careful about preparing the treatment area with proper sterilization. This may include an antiseptic, alcohol, witch hazel, etc. In addition, the cartridge tips are replaced before every treatment, as they are sterile and one time use only.


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