The V ShotTM Vaginal Rejuvenation for Female Urinary Incontinence in Delhi, India

The V ShotTM Vaginal Rejuvenation for Female Urinary Incontinence in DELHI, INDIA

R3 Anti Aging has developed the V ShotTM  for females, which is a proprietary treatment option for incontinence and sexual dysfunction which has a very high success rate. Also known as Vaginal Rejuvenation, the procedure represents an extremely effective option for those seeking a safe, effective and nonsurgical answer!


At R3, the expert providers perform the V ShotTM procedure on patients the exact same way they teach it at R3’s Training courses. You will be in the BEST hands with our provider Faculty!

The Incontinence Problem

Incontinence represents a loss of bladder control. It is embarrassing, inconvenient and unfortunately an all too common problem in females. There are various different types of incontinence, such as Stress Incontinence where a woman leaks urine after coughing, sneezing, laughing or lifting something heavy.


Additional types of incontinence include Urge or Overflow incontinence. Overflow is where the bladder doesn’t empty completely, resulting in frequent or constant dribbling.


Persistent incontinence may result from several issues such as age related bladder muscle degeneration. Childbirth can weaken muscles needed for bladder control, along with menopausal changes too.

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The Incontinence Treatment with the V ShotTM

R3 has developed the groundbreaking V ShotTM for female urinary incontinence. The vaginal rejuvenation procedure involves application of regenerative growth factors to several areas of the vaginal area. The growth factors are able to regenerate muscles in the bladder and reproductive tract to typically help dramatically with the incontinence symptoms being experienced.

The V ShotTM may help women with problems controlling their flow of urine by tightening their vaginal tissue and rebuilding their body's own natural collagen. The V ShotTM facilitates repair and regeneration of the vaginal and bladder musculature, permitting better urine flow control.


Of note, R3’s expert providers, who are also Faculty at R3’s Training Centers, will numb the region extensively so any discomfort is minimal. Overall, the procedure takes about one hour start to finish.

The main source of the growth factors is from platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP therapy). This involves a simple blood draw from the patient. The blood is then placed into a special tube and spun rapidly in a machine called a centrifuge to separate out the growth factors and platelets.


During the process, the red blood cells are removed, as they are not helpful in the procedure. R3 Anti Aging in Scottsdale and Tennessee uses a state of the art process to make sure the growth factor and platelet concentration is the highest possible. Since it is the patient’s own blood being used, there is no risk of rejection or other issues.


Along with using the patient’s own PRP, R3 also utilizes additional biologics for the procedure that contains a large amount of growth factors. The additional growth factors augment the effectiveness for incontinence, and make the V ShotTM a superior option to PRP alone!

Consistent with recent peer reviewed, published studies, the V Shot for urinary incontinence has been immensely effective and safe in Scottsdale, Nashville and all the R3 locations globally. In addition, the V Shot has been shown to be incredibly effective for female sexual dysfunction as well. To read more about the V Shot for female sexual dysfunction, visit THIS PAGE.


A recent 2021 study (Athanasiou et al) evaluated 20 patients with stress urinary incontinence who received PRP therapy twice at 4 to 6 week intervals. Amazingly, 80% of the women reported significant improvements in their symptoms, and no adverse events were reported.


A recent 2022 review article looked at platelet rich plasma therapy for the management of incontinence along with age related vaginal atrophy. The conclusion of the article noted that,


“An increase in collagen concentration after PRP application was observed while the use of PRP resulted in improvement of stress urinary incontinence symptoms.”


The consistent results with these studies have shown great outcomes and no significant adverse events. The V Shot actually takes the procedure further with the addition of more growth factors beyond PRP, and also specific injection points throughout the vaginal wall for optimal results.

To date, there have been no significant adverse events with the V Shot. Minor discomfort is involved, but R3’s expert providers numb the area first!


While we have not seen it in over a thousand procedures to date, there is a risk of infection.

Consistent with the studies mentioned above, the V ShotTM results typically extend to over six months and often last a year. If two treatments are performed 4 to 6 weeks apart, R3 has seen more patients receive results lasting over a year.


The great news is that repeat treatment results in the same results (over 95% of the time).

R3 Anti Aging offers the V ShotTM treatment in Scottsdale, Nashville, and all of it’s global locations (there are 45). If you or a loved one suffers from urinary incontinence or sexual dysfunction and would like to discuss the option, simply call us at +91 7947515066 today to set up your complimentary consultation!


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