The V ShotTM Female Sexual Enhancement and Dysfunction

The V ShotTM for Female Sexual Enhancement and Dysfunction. Vaginal Rejuvenation for Atrophy in Delhi, India.

R3 Anti Aging offers its proprietary V ShotTM to help women experiencing vaginal atrophy and/or decreased sexual satisfaction or what’s termed Female Sexual Dysfunction. These issues can lead to diminished libido, decreased sexual satisfaction, reduced self esteem, trouble with interpersonal relationships and even divorce.


Female Sexual Enhancement


Below we discuss the V ShotTM procedure for female sexual dysfunction, which is unbelievably common. However, it should be noted that the V ShotTM is actually amazing for women who already have satisfying intercourse but want to enhance the experience.


The vaginal rejuvenation often helps women achieve the “next level”.

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Female Sexual Enhancement 

Below we discuss the V ShotTM procedure for female sexual dysfunction, which is unbelievably common. However, it should be noted that the V ShotTM is actually amazing for women who already have satisfying intercourse but want to enhance the experience.


The vaginal rejuvenation often helps women achieve the “next level”.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Up to 40% of females worldwide suffer from sexual dysfunction prior to age 40, which then increases to 75% after that. This may be due to pain during sex, impaired desire/arousal, or inability to climax. As women age, the issue becomes more common as vaginal atrophy occurs.


A 2013 study published in Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research showed that women experienced sexual dysfunction for the following reasons:

These reasons are not mutually exclusive. For example, a woman may be experiencing pain during intercourse due to a lubrication issue from vaginal atrophy. Or the lack of collagen in the vaginal wall may be leading to inability to climax.


To date, conventional treatment options for vaginal rejuvenation have been less than stellar. Either they don’t work at all, or provide benefits for a very short time period. One of these is vaginal lubricating creams, which need to be applied prior to intercourse. Wouldn’t it be better to already have existing, natural lubrication?


For a significant amount of women experiencing these issues, the V ShotTM is a great solution! The Vaginal Rejuvenation procedure helps to restore collagen and lubrication to the vaginal wall, labia, and vulva. This often results in a highly enhanced sexual experience, along with making a big difference in interpersonal relationships.

The V ShotTM is noninvasive, quick and extremely well tolerated. Initially, blood is taken from the woman, and then placed into a special kit. The kit is placed into a centrifuge, which spins the blood for approximately 10 minutes.


The spinning separates the blood into 3 layers. One of the layers includes highly concentrated growth factors and platelets, which are removed to be injected for the V Shot. R3’s process incorporates additional growth factors to enhance the outcome for vaginal rejuvenation.


While the spinning is taking place, numbing cream is applied for 10-20 minutes. The R3 providers also use ice to make the procedure very tolerable with absolutely minimal (if any) discomfort.


R3’s providers serve as Faculty at R3’s Training Centers. They teach other providers from all over the country, which means they know EXACTLY how to perform the procedure optimally so you get the best result!


Once fully numbed, the growth factors are injected into various regions of the vaginal wall as well as the clitoris. These growth factors and platelets produce the following actions which lead to the beneficial results:


  • Promote new blood flow to the vaginal wall and clitoris.
  • Increase collagen production to provide enhanced natural lubrication, tone and smoothness.
  • Perform cell to cell communication to promote cellular proliferation
  • Bring activated stem cells into the region for tissue regeneration and rejuvenation.


The end result includes enhanced sexual experience, but also a higher level of vaginal wall muscle tone. The increase in blood flow and nerve endings, along with the rising pressure in the vaginal wall, contribute to the improved sexual function.


This helps a lot of women with incontinence as well, which is discussed in detail on THIS PAGE.

At R3 Anti Aging’s Centers, the V ShotTM success rate exceeds 90%. The proprietary combination of growth factors along with placement technique has produced outcomes that are not only fantastic, but typically last for over a year!


What does success look like? Women who undergo the V Shot often report the following benefits:


  • Less pain during sex.
  • Enhanced orgasm
  • Higher ability to achieve orgasm.
  • Much higher sexual satisfaction.
  • Increased natural vaginal lubrication, tone and smoothness.

A 2019 Egyptian study (Gaber et al) showed statistically high significant mean values of desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and satisfaction after treatment. The exact improvements included:

  • Orgasm – 53%
  • Desire – 42%
  • Satisfaction – 40%
  • Arousal – 32%
  • Lubrication – 29%
  • Pain – 10%

The authors noted, “The results of this study suggest that specifically placed intravaginal and intraclitoral PRP injections could be an effective method to treat certain types of Female Sexual Dysfunction.”

To date, there have been no significant adverse events with the V ShotTM. Minor discomfort is involved, but R3’s expert providers numb the area first!


While we have not seen it in over a thousand procedures to date, there is a risk of infection.

Only R3 Anti Aging offers the V ShotTM. With a proprietary blend of growth factors, your outcomes will be optimized at R3 Centers in Nashville, Scottsdale and worldwide.


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