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PRP therapy is an exciting procedure that is readily available at R3 Anti Aging for patients suffering from arthritis pain, sports and overuse injuries and is also fantastic for hair restoration, facial and hand rejuvenation, sexual health procedures along with microneedling procedures.

Known as platelet rich plasma therapy, PRP Treatment in Delhi NCR uses a patient’s own blood. Either thirty or sixty cc’s of blood is obtained, which is much less than a blood donation. R3’s expert providers will then place your blood into a first rate PRP kit and spin the blood in a centrifuge at a very high speed for 5 minutes.

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The patient’s blood becomes separated into three layers as a result of the spin. The bottom layer is then discarded, as it contains the red blood cells which are not helpful for either a joint injection or an aesthetics procedure.

The middle layer is full of concentrated growth factors, platelets and electrolytes. This is what gets used for your treatment, and is called “liquid gold”. The reason is because the combination of regenerative elements have been shown to create a healing environment for joint and soft tissue damage.

Most people know that platelets are great for stopping bleeding, but what’s most important for the pain relief and aesthetics applications are the other roles that platelets play. They act as a scaffold for tissue regeneration along with acting as an attractant for stem cells to come into the area and “go to work”. Platelets also contain a significant amount of growth factors, which act like construction foremen to facilitate tissue repair, collagen production and new blood flow.

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PRP therapy in New Delhi NCR, India works great for: 

Joint Pain, Overuse Injury, Sports Injuries

Because prp treatment in delhi ncr is  derived from a patient him/herself, the risks are absolutely minimal. There’s no risk of rejection or disease transmission as the blood is processed and then placed back into the patient at the same session. Many studies show the benefits of PRP therapy for both musculoskeletal and aesthetics treatments. These are discussed below.

One reason that PRP therapy in New Delhi, India is so popular is the treatment represents a regenerative option, rather than just a Band Aid. When a steroid injection is administered, it does nothing to help the joint or soft tissue. In fact, steroids actually are harmful to joint cartilage. But PRP is the opposite! It helps to repair damaged cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bursa so patients can get back to desired activities such as golf, tennis, pickleball, basketball, baseball, playing with the kids/grandkids and much more.

Interestingly, sports leagues have been fine with the use of PRP therapy, and so has the World Anti-Doping Agency. So in case you were wondering if PRP was considered a performance enhancing treatment, rest assured it’s not!

PRP in NEW DELHI, INDIA for Musculoskeletal Conditions

A 2018 review article in Current Reviews of Musculoskeletal Medicine evaluated at a dozen studies on PRP therapy for hip and knee arthritis. Amazingly 10 out of the 12 Level 1 studies showed extremely favorable results with PRP therapy for both pain relief and increased activity levels.


These results are the reason that PRP therapy for hip, knee and shoulder pain have continued to increase in popularity year after year.


Another review article appeared in the Journal of Ortho Surgery & Research in 2017. Fourteen studies were reviewed, totaling 1400 patients. Intra-articular PRP knee injections proved to be superior to steroid injections, ozone, hyaluronic acid, and saline.


Patients often wonder why R3 providers recommend a series of PRP injections for optimal pain relief. Is it necessary? Well according to numerous recent studies, the answer is yes! A 2019 study in the World Journal of Orthopedics found that the effectiveness of PRP increased after multiple injections. Another study from 2021 evaluated the effectiveness of multiple PRP injections for the knee randomized 237 patients into 4 groups. In the randomized, double blind study, multiple PRP injections proved to be far superior to steroid, placebo and single PRP injections.


For low back pain due to arthritis, a study out of Russia followed 49 patients for 18 months who had received PRP into the facet joints. Patients obtained significant long term pain relief along with improved functional status. So PRP therapy is a wonderful nonoperative option for those looking to achieve back pain relief nonoperatively.


For tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, PRP therapy is a stellar option. A research study by Mishra et al showed PRP yielded great long term pain relief, which was much better than either lidocaine or dry needling.


Interestingly, when looking at PRP therapy for rotator cuff injuries, a 2021 study in the journal Arthroscopy showed the treatment was no different when compared with steroid. Therefore, for pain relief with rotator cuff injuries, R3 recommends combining PRP with umbilical cord allograft tissue treatment.


For the treatment of plantar fasciitis, the results with PRP are excellent. A review article in the American Journal of Sports Medicine in 2021 evaluated 15 high level studies. PRP was routinely found to be superior to corticosteroid both at the 3 month time frame as well as one year!

rebella prp after second spin

Aesthetics Indications for PRP Therapy

Nonoperative Facelift

For patients looking to roll back the clock on their appearance, PRP therapy is an incredible option. R3 offers the PRP Facelift procedure, which includes facial injections with PRP to eliminate wrinkles, make the skin glow and also reduce under-eye darkness. Within a couple weeks after the procedure, patients see impressive results.


Often times, R3 providers add stem cell derived exosomes to the PRP procedure. The exosomes spark collagen production, which boosts a patient’s skin tightness and improves the “glow” of the skin as well.

Facial Rejuvenation with Microneedling

Utilizing PRP with microneedling is able to achieve a lot of the same results. The microneedling creates tiny microchannels through the skin. The PRP promotes collagen and fibrin production, which help the skin appear younger and reduces wrinkles. The microneedling best results are achieved with a series of treatments. The results get better every time!

Hand Rejuvenation

When a patient works hard to obtain a youthful appearance to the body and face, it’s disappointing when the hands look old. So using PRP therapy for hand rejuvenation works very well to help the back of the hands look a lot younger. The procedure helps reduce wrinkles, age spots and plumps up the skin on the hands. This will equalize ones’ hand appearance with the face!

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Scar Revision

Over the years, people often accumulate scars for any number of reasons. This may be due to surgery, trauma or acne scarring. Thankfully, PRP procedures for scarring works great to minimize their appearance. Typically, the PRP procedures are offered as a series for best results.

Hair Restoration

Both men and women lose their hair for a variety of reasons. Possibly due to alopecia, post-Covid, post-chemo, or other conditions. PRP therapy has been a successful option for hair restoration in patients. For severe hair loss, exosomes are often added to the PRP for best results.


The hair restoration procedure with PRP has been evaluated in a 2018 study by Cervantes et al. They looked at 12 studies, ALL of which showed impressive results after a series of PRP treatments for androgenic alopecia.

Sexual Health for Men & Women – The E Shot and V Shot

R3 Anti Aging has developed the proprietary E Shot for helping treat men with erectile dysfunction in New Delhi, India. The E Shot includes PRP and its numerous growth factors, platelets, cytokines to help facilitate new blood flow and a long term solution for erectile dysfunction. The treatment also includes umbilical cord allograft exosomes for amazing results!


For men, it creates the ability to have spontaneous erections typically without medications.

For women, the V Shot is great for improving sexual dysfunction. This may be a result of inability to orgasm, pain with intercourse, decreased lubrication, or vaginal atrophy. The V Shot includes PRP therapy along with umbilical cord allograft exosomes. Not only is the treatment impressive for improving sexual function in women, it is also great at improving urinary incontinence as well.


For the top PRP therapy in New Delhi, India, call R3 Anti Aging at +91 7947515066 to schedule your free consultation. Whether your need is for joint or soft tissue pain, or an aesthetics need, you will be in the best hands!


Receive aesthetics treatments from our doctors who are experts at achieving your desired outcome! First rate hair restoration, facial rejuvenation, and sexual health procedures.



Our skilled doctors actually teach providers nationwide how to perform aesthetic procedures. Who better to receive treatment from than a highly skilled instructor!



Erectile dysfunction is incredibly common in adults, with an overall prevalence of 77%. R3 offers exceptionally effective therapies for ED, such as the E Shot, that will help men and couples thrive in the bedroom!


ED treatment needs to be customized for optimal results. R3 offers shockwave therapy, medications, PRP therapy with Growth Factors (E Shot), exosomes, stem cells and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.



R3 has been a leader globally with stem cell therapy for over a decade with 20,000 procedures in 10 years! This includes stem cell therapy in New Delhi, India for patients that help with pain relief and improve quality of life.


R3 offers exosome therapies, which are top notch stem cell derived biologics that facilitate repair and regeneration in your body!


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