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non surgical hair replacement in delhi ncr

Delhi, India Hair Restoration with PRP

At our PRP hair restoration center in Delhi, India, we offer hair restoration services. This Delhi, India PRP hair restoration treatment utilizes your own bodily fluids to stimulate growth in the dermal papilla cells, which are essential for hair growth. Oftentimes, damaged blood vessels play a part in the loss of hair. By stimulating them, the goal is to force your body to repair them and produce natural hair in the balding area. Once they are stimulated, the hair shaft is expanded, resulting in increased thickness and strengthening of the follicles.


At R3 Anti-Aging, we believe in the natural regeneration processes that the body has. Thus, utilizing PRP to encourage the repair of damaged blood vessels and cells can help to restore the growth of natural hair. During a PRP session, we’ll inject platelets from your blood into areas of your scalp to help restore thinning hair.


This treatment has been found to be effective for hair loss related to age and alopecia. It’s non-invasive compared with non surgical hair replacement in delhi ncr, and those who undergo it can experience reduced hair loss and eventual hair restoration.

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What Is PRP?

Delhi, India Hair Restoration with Exosomes

Delhi, India hair restoration with exosomes is a relatively new treatment designed to encourage the regrowth of hair that has been lost due to the aging process or alopecia. This type of hair restoration therapy works by using exosomes to naturally encourage the cells to regenerate, repair, and restore tissues. 

Each hair follicle contains two types of cells: hair follicle stem cells and dermal papilla cells. Hair loss that occurs as a result of aging or alopecia is typically caused by damage to these cells. However, the injection of exosomes into the fatty layer of the scalp has been found to affect these cells and accelerate hair to return to the anagen phase, also known as the growing phase. 

Patients who undergo exosomes non surgical hair replacement delhi ncr, India, are generally very pleased with their results. They may begin to see new growth after a series of treatments spread over 12 weeks. Follow-up treatments can continue to enhance results and encourage hair growth.


What Are Exosomes?


What Should You Expect with Delhi, India Hair Restoration?

Prior to undergoing either a PRP or exosome non surgical hair replacement delhi ncr, youl first meet with one of our experienced providers at our hair restoration clinic in Delhi, India. We’ll ask you for your full medical history, including any prescription medications you may be taking. Next, we’ll discuss the goals you are seeking to obtain by undergoing hair restoration injections in Delhi, India, and we’ll perform a thorough examination of the scalp. 

Oftentimes, the best candidates for PRP hair restoration injections in Delhi, India, are those who suffer from alopecia or pattern baldness. Once we understand the goals you are seeking to achieve with your therapy, we’ll recommend either PRP or exosome hair restoration. 

During a PRP hair restoration in Delhi, India, we’ll first withdraw blood from your arm while you are seated in a chair. The vial of your blood will be placed in a centrifuge and spun at high speeds to separate into various components. We’ll use the plasma component to perform your PRP hair restoration process.

The plasma will be injected into sites that are determined based on the location of your hair loss. Afterward, you’ll be given instructions for aftercare but will be able to return to your normal activities. Understand that multiple treatments will be required to obtain the best results over a series of weeks. 

A Delhi, India hair restoration using exosomes begins with a topical numbing agent that is applied to the scalp. Next, injections are made into pre-designated sites along the scalp to encourage hair growth. These injections consist of exosomes that are obtained from FDA-approved companies. Following the appointment, you’ll be able to return to your regular activities. It should take no more than an hour.

Although exosome therapy for hair restoration is only a few years old, it has shown extremely promising results that don’t require long surgeries with excessive recovery times. To enhance your results, you’ll want to undergo several treatments over a span of 12 weeks.

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