Regenerative Therapies

Regenerative Therapies in Delhi, India

R3 Anti Aging offers a broad array of regenerative therapies in Delhi, India to help patients achieve pain relief, become more active, look and feel more youthful, and achieve an improved quality of life. These regenerative therapies are not only safe, but extremely effective!

The regenerative options are customized to help with each patient’s ailments. They may include Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP Therapy), Adipose Stem Cell Therapy, Umbilical Cord Allograft Procedures, or Exosome Therapy. With over a decade of experience (close to 20,000 procedures) in assisting patients with exosome, PRP and stem cell therapies in Delhi, India, R3 is truly the go-to option for your regenerative experience.

R3 Anti Aging offers procedures from both autograft (tissue from you), and allograft (tissue from a donor). Both options are very effective, and there are various reasons for a patient to decide on one versus another.

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R3antiaging offers the following Regenerative Therapies

PRP Therapy In PRP Therapy

PRP is short for platelet rich plasma therapy. The treatment has become extremely popular over the past decade for aesthetics treatments, joint and soft tissue injections along with being a great option for erectile dysfunction.

The therapy itself is very straightforward. The patient’s own blood is drawn, just as if he/she were at a lab. The amount is either 30cc or 60cc, depending on what treatment is being performed.

PRP therapy in PRP Therapy is amazing for knee joint pain, shoulder, hip, elbow, ankle and back or neck pain. The PRP is created by spinning the patient’s blood in a centrifuge at very high speed to concentrate the growth factors, platelets and nutrients. Once injected, the PRP is extremely active in jump starting the regenerative repair process, with most patients achieving immense pain relief.

PRP therapy is often used in conjunction with stem cell and/or exosome therapy, with  the outcomes being stellar. Professional and amateur athletes frequently receive PRP therapy to avoid surgery, and executives along with grandparents receive PRP therapy to simply achieve relief in order to become more active.

PRP therapy is performed as an outpatient, and only takes about one hour for the entire therapy at R3 Anti Aging in either Delhi, India. Results typically are seen with one to two weeks, and last anywhere from three months to two years. For some patients, a series of PRP treatments are necessary. This typically involves three repeat injections performed four to six weeks apart.

Adipose Stem Cell Therapy in Delhi, India

Adipose Stem Cell Therapy involves harvesting fat tissue (adipose) from the patient him/herself. The adipose tissue is either obtained from the abdomen, or it can be harvested from the flank area above the buttock. Patients don’t miss the tissue, and in fact they typically love the removal as it provides a liposuction as well!


The harvested adipose tissue is processed immediately using a technique of fat grafting quickly and efficiently transfer the patient’s own adipose tissue under local anesthesia, with no centrifuge, for cosmetic and joint or soft tissue injection procedures. 


Adipose tissue contains an immense amount of growth factors, exosomes, stem cells and other regenerative elements critical for regeneration and repair of damaged tissue. R3 actually teaches the adipose procedure to providers nationwide (and globally), so rest assured you will be in the best hands imaginable.

In addition, the quality of adipose tissue remains excellent no matter the age of the patient. The numbers of stem cells, growth factors and exosomes actually stays consistent! One of the main issues that deters the quality of adipose tissue is if a patient is a smoker. Otherwise the procedure works tremendously well for both aesthetics procedures and to achieve joint or soft tissue pain relief.

This may include pain from arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, sports injuries or overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis. The adipose stem cell therapy in Delhi, India may speed up tissue repair to relieve pain, help patients become more active and increase quality of life with a minimally invasive, safe procedure!

Umbilical Cord Allograft

R3 Anti Aging in Umbilical Cord Allograft offers umbilical cord allograft therapy for patients who have joint or soft tissue pain. The umbilical cord tissue comes from FDA Registered labs, and works amazingly well at providing support and cushioning for painful areas.

In addition, the umbilical cord tissue contains a significant amount of growth factors, exosomes, mesenchymal stem cells and cytokines as well. These facilitate one’s body to amp up the repair and regeneration activities to reduce pain from joint degeneration, tendonitis, bursitis, overuse injuries, sports injuries and neuropathy.

Where does the umbilical cord tissue come from? The process is FDA regulated, and includes women undergoing a scheduled c-section who have agreed to donate their umbilical cord tissue. There is no harm to baby or mother, and the tissue is extensively tested to make sure it is free of communicable diseases.

The umbilical cord allograft tissue is cryogenically preserved after processing, and is thawed out about 10 minutes prior to the procedure. The freezing preserves the viability of the stem cells, exosomes, growth factors and other proteins that participate in the repair process.

Exosome Therapy in Delhi, India

Exosome therapy has been increasing steadily in popularity for years, due to its safety and effectiveness. What are exosomes?


Exosomes are nanoparticle sized devices that are over 1000 times smaller than stem cells. They have been shown in numerous research studies to be very active in “cell to cell” communication.


While exosomes are not cells, they are tiny vesicles released by cells that contain growth factors, DNA, RNA and other proteins. They are attracted to cells that are in an area of inflammation, and those cells “eat” them. At that point, the exosomes release their contents and facilitate repair and regeneration.


Globally, they have been increasing in popularity as a “cell free” therapeutic option. Sometimes they are used with stem cells, other times by themselves. They can be helpful for aesthetics procedures, ED, joint pain and other ailments.

At R3 Anti Aging in Delhi, India, exosome therapy has been a popular option for patients during aesthetics procedures. Studies show they have been exceptionally effective at promoting collagen production, which helps skin glow and to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

All in all, regenerative therapies help considerably for patients who want to not only become more active, but to look younger, have more energy, and improve their quality of life. R3 Anti Aging in Delhi, India incorporates regenerative therapies including Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP Therapy), Adipose Stem Cell Therapy, Umbilical Cord Allograft Procedures, and Exosome Therapy when providers feel it’s indicated.

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Receive aesthetics treatments from our doctors who are experts at achieving your desired outcome! First rate hair restoration, facial rejuvenation, and sexual health procedures.



Our skilled doctors actually teach providers nationwide how to perform aesthetic procedures. Who better to receive treatment from than a highly skilled instructor!



Erectile dysfunction is incredibly common in adults, with an overall prevalence of 77%. R3 offers exceptionally effective therapies for ED, such as the E Shot, that will help men and couples thrive in the bedroom!


ED treatment needs to be customized for optimal results. R3 offers shockwave therapy, medications, PRP therapy with Growth Factors (E Shot), exosomes, stem cells and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.



R3 has been a leader globally with stem cell therapy for over a decade with 20,000 procedures in 10 years! This includes stem cell therapy in Delhi, India for patients that help with pain relief and improve quality of life.


R3 offers exosome therapies, which are top notch stem cell derived biologics that facilitate repair and regeneration in your body!


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