Stem Cell Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Phoenix/Scottsdale and Nashville

Stem Cell Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Phoenix/Scottsdale and Nashville

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the inability to either get or maintain an erection. Men of any age may be affected, with about 40% of men at age 40 describing some dysfunction. By the age of 60, 60% of men are affected, and that grows to 70% by age 70. Incredibly, ED overall affects about 1/3 of men!

There are at least four components involved with achieving an erection. These include:

Any one of these components may lead to ED if an abnormality exists. Here are the most common reasons ED occurs:



The workup for ED may include blood and urine tests to evaluate hormones, blood sugar levels, thyroid function and organ function. In addition, an ultrasound may be helpful to evaluate penile blood flow. An overnight erection test looks at the ability to achieve erection while sleeping.

Stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction in Phoenix/Scottsdale and Nashville has not only been very exciting, it’s solving some of the downfalls of traditional treatments. Medications for achieving erection may work, but there can be side effects involving one’s heart and the fact they have to be taken every time sexual activity is engaged.

Where do the stem cells come from that are used for ED treatment in Phoenix/Scottsdale and Nashville? While using one’s own bone marrow or adipose tissue has shown effectiveness, it involves a harvesting from the patient himself. There are potential complications with that. Donor tissue from umbilical cord has been an incredible source of stem cells, growth factors, exosomes and cytokines.

The umbilical cord tissue is referred to as an allograft, meaning it comes from a donor as opposed to one’s own tissue (autograft). The tissue is obtained and processed under strict FDA regulations, and only released for use once the rigorous screening is passed.

There are quite a few research studies that have showed effectiveness of stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction. A literature review in 2016 Sexual Medical Review demonstrated that stem cells have a “cell to cell” effect and are fantastic at promoting smooth muscle, endothelium and neurons in the penile tissue. The conclusion was they have proven safe and effective in patients with ED.

A follow up review in the same journal looked at the safety and effectiveness of stem cells for erectile dysfunction in humans. The five completed clinical trials showed excellent results and safety profile as a restorative therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Most studies for stem cell therapy in ED have evaluated patients with diabetes. Those with ED from diabetes are mostly dealing with a blood flow issue. Stem cells are amazing at promoting new blood flow and helping with ED in that manner.

But what about ED due to a neurologic issue, such as after a prostatectomy where nerves have been cut? A paper presented recently at the European Association of Urology showcased a study with 21 patients who had ED after a radical prostatectomy. Stem cell therapy worked incredibly well for post-prostatectomy ED for the entire 12 months with just one procedure!

What is the procedure like?

To start with, some blood will be taken from your arm to make the platelet rich plasma (PRP). It’s a great way to concentrate your own growth factors, which will help bring new blood flow into the penis along with new nerve cells.

The stem cells that are administered come from the umbilical cord. They are very active and potent, and also the tissue contains hundreds of different growth factors, exosomes and cytokines as well. R3 refers to it as a “biological soup” as it’s so active and helpful to repair the damaged tissue.

The procedure takes approximately one hour, which includes numbing time and the PRP preparation. While it may sound painful, it’s really not due to the numbing and the fact that the needle is VERY small. There are five entry points for the injections, to make sure the stem cells and growth factors reach all the areas needed.

When are results seen? This is not an overnight phenomenon. Results typically take a few weeks to begin, and the good news is approximately 90% of individuals have success with the procedure. Additional good news is that the results of the procedure typically last about a year, and then it can easily be repeated for continued results!

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